custom cosmetics

The first – and only - patented printing process that manufactures custom color cosmetics and product casing simultaneously with no minimums or waste.

All that’s missing is your imagination.

Meet the power
behind the powder

Our revolutionary 3D printer can produce hundreds of unique color cosmetics in a single print batch in less than 5 hours. Currently a full print batch takes about 32 hours.

The wow factor

Recreate any color in the spectrum from skin tone to Pantone. Accelerate speed to innovation to stay ahead of seasonal trends. Dramatically reduce the cost of prototyping and manufacturing.

Color for one and all

Customize unique shade ranges to satisfy the needs and desires of diverse consumers.

Print any shade and any quantity of:

Eye shadow
Pressed & Finishing Powder
Mosaic Powder
Marbleized Powder
Shimmer Body Powder

The ColorForge Advantage:

Affordability: Short set-up times and low set-up costs make short runs with no minimums possible. ColorForge is a superior solution for small-medium DTC brands.

Customability: High quality 3D printing delivers limitless range of vibrant colors, along with unique images, patterns, gradients and logo personalization. Perfect for custom designed products, boutiques and special events.

Individuality: Rapidly prototype products for product development, or produce pilot products with accuracy one at a time for presentations and meetings. Create high-traffic in-store experiences.

Scalability: Roughly 10 ColorForge printers working on-site equals factory like output capacity.

Sustainability: Offer a biodegradable alternative to non-recyclable packaging. No wasteful or costly inventory.

Inventory Reduction: The on-demand nature of 3D printing eradicates the need for inventory and everything that inventory requires: supply chains, transportation networks, stock rooms, warehouses and all the rest.